Good morning ladies:

 In the beginning, Bernadette said "NO" to all washing of clothes with her washing machine because it was not in the best of conditions - her or Walter had to "hot wire" the machine to get it started.  Bernadette wanted you to take the dirty clothes to the nearby laundry mat which will charge $3.00 to wash and $2.50 to dry.


Bernadette是我房東 一開始他不希望我們在家裡洗衣服 如果想要洗的話請在附近的洗衣房洗 但是附上3.00$ 洗衣2.50$烘乾


To avoid taking the dirty clothes to the laundry (time consuming and heavy), I suggested the 4 of you chip in $50 each = $200. It would give $$$ to Bernadette to put toward a new washing machine and it would permit you to do the wash - as needed - regardless of how many loads and however often.    Remember this?


怕我們髒衣服太多會很累(其實我們家離洗衣房並不會很遠 大概五分鐘的路程)

我建議你們四個 每個人付50$ 50$*4=200 乾脆買一台新的洗衣機給房東拉 (這樣瑪莉吸血鬼還可以抽成呢 顆顆 誰會因為在美國住兩個月就買一台洗衣機阿 )

後面講得很好聽 ~ 你有洗衣機的話你可以想洗就洗 不用管次數 記得我的提議嗎 (這樣我就可以收$$$嚕!)




They would like to do their laundry at the house and not at a nearby Laundromat.  With their soon-to-be long work hours, to be able to use their free time relaxing and putting a load through the wash – is important.  Although the other hosts provide the laundry facilities – free of charge – the students are okay with paying for the wash and then air-drying the clothes (and not use the dryer).  They have pooled their money and would like to offer $200 in advance to cover the cost of purchasing a new washer as soon as possible. 

如果你當初爽快付了200摳 你就可以快樂地洗衣服拉 笨死了怎麼不買?

At $2.50 per load (they would double up on 2 girls for each load), that would buy them 80 loads of wash.  If and when it is used up, they would add to the Washer Fund accordingly. A record keeping system would be established to track the usage.  In the end, the family will have a new washer machine, which has been long desired as I understand.  Let me know if this is agreeable to everyone.

而且買了之後 每用一次還要付2.50$給房東 還可以兩個人一起SHARE喔 超棒的 而且最後你親愛的房東就有一台新的洗衣機耶 我的提議如何呢?


Being here over a month - you are realizing the importance of washing 2 times per week because of the fishy smell in the clothes - the offer above by pre-paying $50 sounds fair. It was my suggestion that the $50 come from your $200 security deposit that you have with me and not out of your immediate cash on hand.

50美金只是從你兩百摳押金裡面提出來 所以不用擔心付不出來


Instead - you rejected this idea and in time, Bernadette had lifted her "NO LAUNDRY" policy and permitted you to wash your clothes - Free.


It is not known (to me) how many of you can live with washing the clothes - once - per week and how many of you want - twice - a week.  For those who have more clothes and need a 2nd day per week to wash your clothes - Bernadette is saying "NO" to a 2nd day.

 (在魚工廠工作每天都很臭 不洗衣服怎麼行)

So here are your new choices:


1st day and 1st load - Free when done at Bernadette's house - on her weekly schedule

最後房東很免強地給我們一個禮拜只能洗一次 但是我們很生氣的是 付一樣貴得要死的房租 卻不能天天洗──不一定是天天洗 但是想洗就洗 很難嗎? 付錢是付辛酸的喔!

2nd day and 2nd load - has a $3.00 value to WASH and  $2.50 value to DRY

 不然就是跑到附近公寓洗衣服 但是要付點小錢

You must decide what value (definition of value: your time and energy to carry your dirty laundry 3 blocks, sit at the cleaners while doing the wash/dry, then carry the load back to the house - while on a day off or normal work day). It seems to me that if I was exhausted from working all day or night, I would want the convenience of going into Bernadette's laundry room and do a 2nd load - and paying her $3.00 to do so.  What is the value to drying the clothes in the dryer: clothes now wet and very heavy - do you want to bring it home to dry or pay $2.50 at the cleaner to dry the clothes and be done?


If you all agree to pay Bernadette the $3.00 to wash the 2nd load - if Shally combined her wash with Pinky (for example) - then 2 girls could wash the 2nd load for $1.50 each.

算術題: 兩個人一起SHARE的話 3.00/2=1.50$



I know what you are thinking - why should we have to pay any money to do our laundry when the other students at the other houses are getting this for free!  The 4 guys from China who live on Selief pay $1 for wash and $1 for dryer.  I don't know how often the other students are washing their clothes, but Summer and Ilene have used it - once a week.

 後來我問過根本不是這回事 CHINA BOYS他的洗衣服是要付錢沒錯 但是他們有網路 不用跟房東注一起 四個人住在自己開心的小天地 跟我們的住宿品質不能比


 In summary, I will help you through this issue of laundry with Bernadette.  We all want to get along and to have the time spent in the house to be pleasant (happy).  We can get through this - let's think of a way for it to be best for everyone.

 快來接受我的提議 希望你們會開心 >.*

Email me your comments....


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