Khan’s second career happened by accident. In 2004, his cousin Nadia was having trouble in her seventh-grade math class, so he volunteered to tutor her 1)remotely. After encountering scheduling problems, Khan began putting short videos on YouTube that Nadia could watch on her own time. As luck would have it, 2)random people stumbled upon them and began watching. Encouraged by the positive feedback he received, Khan kept adding new videos.

Today, the site hosts over 1,800 free videos on math, science and economics that have been watched over 30 million times by people all around the globe. Khan’s hope is that anyone in the world with a computer and 3)access to the Internet can go to the Khan Academy and get a world-class education.
薩 曼罕的第二個事業是偶然發生的。二○○四年,他表妹娜迪雅的七年級數學課聽不懂,所以他自願提供遠距教學。由於時間兜不上,薩曼罕開始把短片上傳到 YouTube,讓娜迪雅可以自己利用時間看。碰巧,隨機點選的網友偶然發現這些短片,開始觀看。受到正面回應的鼓舞,薩曼罕不斷增加新影片。


英檢字彙 Vocabulary Bank

1) remotely(adv.) 遠距地,遠端地
Surgeons are now able to perform operations remotely.
2) random (a.) 隨機的
The results of this survey are based on a random sample of college students.
3) access (n.)(可以)使用,(可以)取得
Few students in Africa have access to computers.

EZ 好用句型Tongue-tied No More

●stumble upon/on/across/into 偶然碰見,偶然發現
stumble 原意是「不小心絆倒,失足」,引申解釋為「無意間偶然發現」,後面介系詞 upon、on、across、into 可相互替換。
A: This book is really rare! Where did you find it?
B: I stumbled on it at a used book store.




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