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2011年 03月03日


Reading 閱讀英文
Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and CEO of social networking site Facebook, is 1)revolutionizing the way people connect. At just 26, Zuckerberg is the world’s youngest billionaire, and should Facebook go public, his wealth would skyrocket. Despite his youth, Zuckerberg was ranked No. 1 on Vanity Fair’s recent list of the most influential people of the Information Age.
While Google and Apple were famously started in garages, the idea for Facebook was hatched in a Harvard 2)dorm. 3)Inspiration likely came from the student
4)directory published by Phillips Exeter Academy, the elite boarding school Zuckerberg attended for two years. It included headshots alongside students’ personal information, and was commonly called the “Face Book.”


中譯 Translation

社群網站臉書的共同創辦人和執行長馬克佐克柏,徹底改變人們聯繫的方式。年僅 26 歲,佐克柏已經是全球最年輕的億萬富翁,如果臉書股票上市,他的財富更將一飛沖天。儘管還這麼年輕,佐克柏已經榮登《浮華世界》雜誌最近評選的資訊時代最具影響力人士第 1 名。
眾所皆知,Google 及蘋果公司都是在車庫裡誕生的,臉書的概念則是在哈佛宿舍裡孵化出來,靈感可能來自菲立普艾克瑟特學院出版的學生名冊──佐克柏曾在那所菁英寄宿學校兩年。名冊中除了學生的個人資訊,還有每個人的大頭照,因此常被稱為「臉書」。

英檢字彙 Vocabulary Bank

1) revolutionize (v.) 徹底變革
Cell phones have revolutionized the way people communicate.
2) dorm (n.) 宿舍,為 dormitory 的簡稱
Would you rather live in the dorms or rent an apartment?
3) inspiration (n.) 靈感,啟發
Where do you get the inspiration for your songs?
4) directory (n.) 名冊簿
Employees’ extension numbers and e-mail addresses are listed in the personnel directory.

EZ 好用句型Tongue-tied No More

◎go public(公司)股票上市
go public 除了解釋為「將祕密公開」,還可以表示某公司股票正式掛牌上市,開放讓一般民眾投資購買該公司股票,巨額的資金湧入,將會為公司帶來可觀的財富。
A: Why did the company go public?
B: They wanted to raise money to expand their operations.



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