Whether you want to rub shoulders with Mickey and Minnie, spend a 1)leisurely day on the green or shop to your heart’s content, a trip to sunny Orlando, Florida is sure to make an exciting and enchanting holiday.
When the gates of Orlando’s Magic Kingdom were opened to guests in 1971, so were the gates of 2)tourism for this once mid-sized Florida city. Since then, Orlando has 3)exploded with family theme parks. Walt Disney World, the largest and most famous 4)recreational resort on earth, consists of four different theme parks—Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. And if that’s not enough to keep you busy, SeaWorld Orlando, Wet ’n Wild and Universal Studios Florida are just a hop, skip and jump away.





英檢字彙 Vocabulary Bank

1) leisurely (a./adv.) 悠閒的,從容不迫的;慢慢地
(n.) leisure 閒暇,空閒時間
The couple went for a leisurely walk in the park.
2) tourism (n.) 旅遊(業),觀光(業)
The town makes most of its money from tourism.
3) explode (v.) 激增,迅速擴大
California’s population exploded after World War II.
4) recreational (a.) 休閒的,消遣的
The summer camp offers a variety of recreational activities. 

EZ 好用句型Tongue-tied No More

rub shoulders with sb. 接觸
rub 表示「摩擦」,rub shoulders 字面解釋為「摩擦肩膀」,指的就是「一般的接觸」,或引申用來表示「和某人打交道,交際」,也可以說 rub elbows
(摩擦手肘)with sb.
A: It must be great working at a movie studio.
B: Yeah. I get to rub shoulders with Hollywood stars.

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