Anne: Finally! We meet in person!
Bob: I feel like I’ve known you for years.
Anne: Me too. Well, we’ve been working on this project for six months.
Bob: It’s so nice to meet you face to face.
Anne: Likewise. I’m so sorry about the delays last week.
Bob: You already apologized in your e-mail. It’s really no big deal.
Anne: No, I feel terrible. So let me take this opportunity to buy you lunch. We can
talk about the new products.
Bob: You’re on!
安 :我們終於見面了!
安 :我也是。嗯,我們已經合作這個案子六個月了嘛。
安 :我也一樣。對於上星期的延誤真是抱歉。
鮑伯:妳在 e-mail 上已經道歉了,真的沒什麼大不了的。
安 :不,我覺得很過意不去,所以就讓我趁這個機會請你吃午餐。我們可以聊聊新產品


Finally! We meet in person! 你也可以這樣說

#I’ve really been looking forward to meeting you. 我一直很期待跟你見面。
#What a pleasure to meet you in person. 真高興能見到你本人。
#It’s great to make your acquaintance. 真高興能認識你。
#Great to finally meet you. 真高興終於見到你了。
# I’ve heard so much about you. 久仰大名。 

EZ 好用句型Tongue-tied No More

Likewise. 彼此彼此。
是個副詞,表示「也一樣」。這個短句在寒暄時很好用,對方跟你說些客套話時,你回應 Likewise. 可說是萬無一失。
A: Pleased to meet you.
B: Likewise.

You’re on! 說定了!
這句話用在附和別人的提議,表示同意。若在別人下戰帖或打賭時,這句話可解釋為「來吧!放馬過來!」意思同 Deal! 或是 Done!
A: I’ll race you to the top of the hill.
B: You’re on!

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