The store, which was founded in 1971 by three aging hippies, was called Starbucks, after the coffee-drinking first mate in Moby-Dick. Howard 1)convinced the owners to hire him as a manager, and moved his family to Seattle.
On a trip to Italy in 1983, Howard had his first cafe latte, and his eureka moment: Starbucks needed to expand from selling beans to serving 2)exotic coffees in an 3)inviting environment. But the owners didn’t agree, so he left to open his own cafe. When Starbucks was put up for sale in 1987, Howard bought it and combined the two businesses. Another turning point came when his father passed away. Not wanting his employees to be treated like his father had been, he began providing full benefits, including health 4)insurance for part-time workers. 


英檢字彙 Vocabulary Bank

1) convince (v.) 說服 
The kids convinced their parents to let them have pizza for dinner. 
2) exotic (a.) 異國風味的,奇特的 
The living room was decorated with exotic furniture. 
3) inviting (a.) 吸引人的,誘人的 
The hotel has an inviting swimming pool. 
4) insurance (n.) 保險 
Do you have fire insurance on your home? 
8) afford (v.) 負擔得起,買得起 
We can’t afford to take a vacation this year. 

EZ 好用句型Tongue-tied No More

●put (sth.) up for sale 將……拍賣,販售 
put up 這個片語因為本身有很多意義,如:「建造,架設」、「提名」,讓人乍看之下不知道究竟是什麼意思。這裡 put up 後方接上了 for sale「出售」,應該就不難猜測 put up 是「提供,拿出」販賣物的意思。這個片語類似的說法還有 put (sth.) up for auction。 
A:I heard you guys are moving to Denver soon. 
B:Yeah. We’ve already put our house up for sale. 




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