(title: u wanna go to Snake Alley in Taipei tonight?) Tim&Shan


S:hello! Can I speak to Tim,plz?

T:Yes,it’s me.

S:it’s Shan here.

T:Long time no see. How r u ?

S:So far so good. How about u and ur work?

T: I am working on 3 cases for 2 months. But now I almost finish them.

S:Great. So, r u free this weekend?

T:Maybe. I wanna relax, like taking rest all day. Haha~

S:come on! Body! Would u like to go to “Snake Alley” this weekend?

T:what does it like ? I ‘d never heard about it.

S:Sounds interesting !  Let’s go!

T:ummm, r there a lots of cookies? I don’t like sweet food.

S:What…? Ok,I see. It’s “snake” not “snack.”

T:Nooooooooo! Snake? Oh! Sorry,I guess I am  sick now.(cough*2)

S:don’t be afraid, Tim. A tourist night market is on the street.

 I know a famous bald-fight medicine store there. Recently bcz of the pressure, my hair is getting less. (sob )

T:ummm,hair is very important for men. (touch his head ) Ok,Let’s go .What time will I meet you and where?

S:Take MRT to LUNGSHAN(龍山) Temple station, at 7:00p.m., this Saturday night.

T:Ok, for hai….no for relax!

S:yes.see u soon!


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